Our partners and associates are able to provide advice on wide range of issues and frequently represent their clients before the courts. Our partners have extensive experience in advising international clients and safeguarding their interests in Iceland


Gizur Bergsteinsson

Supreme Court Attorney

Gizur´s focus is on competition, state-aid and public procurement law. He is widely regarded as one of the Bar´s leading specialists in competition law. Gizur also advises and company and tax related issues. In recent years, Gizur has advised on insurance related issues, including D&O policy coverage.

In terms of non-contentious experience, Gizur is recognised as an outstanding regulatory lawyer and frequently advises both state institutions and municipalities on regulatory issues.

On the contentious side, Gizur regulary appears in the courts for regulators and state institutions in judicial review challanges. In recent years, Gizur has frequently appeard in the EFTA Court in Luxembourg where he has acted for the Government of Iceland, the Central Bank of Iceland and the Icelandic Competition Authority.

Guðmundur Óli Björgvinsson

Supreme Court Attorney

Legal career:

A legal assistant at the Vestfjord District Court 1998.
Has been in private practice since 1998.
One of two founders of B&B Law Firm ehf. (later Backman & Björgvinsson Law Firm) in October 1998.
One of the founders and partners of Lagastod Legal Services ehf.

Education and certifications:

Undergraduate degree from Breidholt College in May 1992.
Cand. Juris degree, 1 st. grade, from University of Iceland in February 1998.
Admitted to the Bar as a Supreme Court Attorney in February 2007.

Experience and some notable achievements:

Many years of experience as a board member of both Icelandic and foreign companies/associations, in various fields of operation. Involvement and/or leading role in setting up numerous companies and corporations.
Has wide ranging experience in issuing legal opinions and conducting due diligence.
Involvement and material contribution in relation to in various court proceedings in international or foreign jurisdictions, such as before the EUCJ and the EFTA courts, in England, in Scotland, in France, in the Netherlands and in the United States of America.
Almost two decades of experience in a leading role and management of a significant number of court cases before the Icelandic courts, both district courts and the Supreme Court of Iceland.
Managed projects for the Resolution Committee and the Winding-up Board og Landsbanki Islands (now LBI ehf.) from December 2008. Continues to advise the board of LBI to the present day. LBI was one of the largest banks in Iceland and one of the largest insolvency events in history with eventual value of assets in excess of 14 bn USD equivalent and liabilities at or around 30 bn USD equivalent.
Leading role in the restructuring of LBI through a composition of creditors and complex negotiations resulting in the issuance and structuring of a +2bn EUR global bond of LBI in 2016.
Involvement and /or material role in various global mergers and acquisitions during the last 4 years, including Aurum Holdings in the UK, House of Fraiser in the UK, Actavis (Global) and Iceland Foods in the UK.
Involvement and/or material role in various restructuring projects in Iceland and abroad most notable the restructuring of the finances of Björgólfur Thor Björgólfsson and related companies including Actavis.
Sits on the board of various companies including being the chairman of Nox Medical ehf.

Additional languages:

Writes, reads and speaks English fluently.
Reads and understands Danish and Swedish.
Reads, writes and speaks Norwegian fluently.

Kristinn Bjarnason

Supreme Court Attorney


“Í vinnslu”

Jónas Jóhannsson

Supreme Court Attorney

Jónas gratuated from The University of Iceland´s law faculty in 1988 and served as associate to the head of the District Criminal Court in Reykjavík from June 1988 to 1 August 1991 when he was appointed temporarily as district court judge to the municipalities of all five District Commissioners in Vestfirðir, entrusted inter alia with preparing the seperation between the executive and judiciary in those municipalities. Appointed head of the newly established District Court of Vestfirðir from 1 July 1992. Jónas resigned from office in August 1998, moved to Hafnarfjörður with his family, and was appointed judge at the District Court of Reykjanes. During 1998 – 2006, he specialized in family law and criminal law. Jónas moved to the District Court of Reykjavík in February 2006, focusing mainly on criminal law until late 2011 when he resigned from office due to dual residency in Iceland and Brussel where his wife, a legal expert with EFTA, was posted at that time. Jónas has been living solely in Iceland since May 2016.

Jónas became a member of the legal team of Lagastoð legal services in January 2012. He is a Supreme Court Attorney, specializing in family law, criminal law, human rights, administrative law, torts, labour law.


Associate to the District Criminal Court in Reykjavík 1988 – 1991.

District Court judge 1991 – 2011.

Supreme Court Attorney from 2012.

Education and qualifications:

Graduation from high school (Mennatskólinn í Reykjavík) 1982.

Law Degree (master´s degree) from University of Iceland 1988.

Licensed to be a district court attorney in April 2000.

Studied EU law at Lund University, Sweden, 2004-2005.

Supreme Court Attorney from January 2012.

Tutoring and other trusted appointments:

Has tutored and written articles on family law.

Representative of the Icelandic Judical Council to The Hague Conferrence on Private International Law in the field of family law 2002-1012.

Tutor in private international law at University of Reykjavík 2006.

President of The Icelandic Association in Belgium 2010-2015.

Chairman of the Icelandic Legal Aid Board from 1 September 2017.


Speaks English as first language.

Fair understanding in written Danish, Norwegian and Swedish.